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Excerpt from Christmas Sunday 2019 | Joseph’s Story | Pastor Alan Hines

At some point in time, for those of us who are truly following Christ, you are going to come to a crisis of faith. You’re going to find yourself in a spot that you did not sign up for, that you did not see coming and it’s going to cause you to think, 
“Do I really believe what I say I believe? Do I really trust him in this moment? Can I really walk in complete blindness, not knowing what’s coming, trusting that God has my best interests at heart?” 
It brings us to a place of,
“I’m either going to do it-or I’m not.”
Here we are, one year later, exactly 9 months into a pandemic. The fog has settled heavily onto the pasture. We can’t see through it but we know that just beyond are mountains and valleys each with their own obstacles and dangers. 
This excerpt from Christmas Sunday 2019 still applies. We know we can’t stay “here“.  And so we trust THE SHEPHERD, become one of the dusty ones, and journey into the untamed, unknown wilderness of 2021 with a math teacher, a farmer, and a banker leading the way.  
Christmas Series: