As of Sunday, September 20, Nursery, Pre-K and Children’s Church are available in person on Sundays at 9:30am. We will continue to post videos online for those that are not able to join us in person.
Pre-K Story Time Online
Join Ms.Tracey online for pre-school story time on Sunday. Visit the Pre-K Story time playlist on our YouTube Channel to see the previous lessons. New lessons are available every Sundays. Subscribe to our channel get alerts and updates.

Pre-K Storytime Online

Children’s Church Online
Visit the Children’s Church playlist on our YouTube Channel to see the previous lessons. New episodes available Sundays. Subscribe to the channel to get updates and alerts. Beginning September 20, children’s church will be available in-person. We will continue to share videos online for those who can not join us in person.

Children’s Church Online




Children’s Church, Pre-K & Nursery In-Person
Sundays at 9:30am
Beginning Sunday, September 20th at 9:30am, children’s church, pre-K and nursery are back!  Watch the video below for more instructions on where to go, how to check in, what to expect and how to pick up.

Children’s Church ReOpens Sept 20th





KIDCHECK is what we use at Townsend Church for secure kids check-in. Please create a KidCheck account for kids from Nursery-5th grade. To learn more about KidCheck go here.


Create a KIDCHECK account:

Sign Up
1. Visit or download the KidCheck app on a mobile device
2. Select the link to create a free KidCheck account
3. Fill in the requested fields and agree to the terms of use
Adding Children and Guardians
1. Locate the “Kids” tab. Select the link to add a new child, and input your child’s information. Select the save button when you are done.
2. Locate the “Guardians” tab. This is where you will input additional guardians whom you would like to be able to pick up the children you’ve listed. Add their information. Remember to click save when you are done.

Download the KidCheck App for Mobile Check-In

Activity Participation Agreement


For more information, contact our children’s coordinator Brandie Sparrow.