Drive Up Visit

Saturday, May 2 from 10am-2pm all three pastors, Alan, Charlie and Tim will be at the church, outside, for a drive up visit. If you need prayer, just want to say hi, or need to see a friendly face, please stop by, stay in your car and of course use social distancing!


Easter Egg Pick-Up

Easter Egg Pick-Up & Good Neighbors
Wednesday, April 1st & 8th, 11-5pm
Fellowship Hall Entrance
We’re inviting our church families to come pick up pre-packed Easter eggs for their kiddos & their communities. If you live in a neighborhood we encourage you to take a bag or two and share with your neighbors.
These eggs were all packed prior to Cornavirus outbreak, but we encourage you to take health precautions and sanitize the eggs.
If you cannot pick up during those hours please contact to make after hours arrangements.


Corona Virus Updates-A letter from Pastor Alan

Townsend Church Family,
As the crisis continues to unfold and more information becomes available, we have been having important discussions leading to difficult decisions.  The Leadership of Townsend Church continues to stay in constant communication with your safety as the main topic.  These decisions are made not out of fear but from a sound mind putting safety of the people first.
This morning, the following was decided:
  1. All regularly scheduled church services are canceled until further notice.  We will continue to monitor the situation and provide a weekly update by Friday afternoon.
  2. Any scheduled meetings at the church are postponed until further notice rendering the building closed.
  3. Video and audio versions of the sermon will be available tomorrow around 11am on our website and social platforms.   
  4. Upward is officially canceled for the remainder of the season. Upward families can look for follow up communication from Tim.
  5. The office will be closed this week for a deep cleaning, but the staff will be available.  Our contact information can be found on the website.

These decisions were difficult.  There will be varying opinions as to what should or should not be done.  These decisions were solely based on doing our part to protect the people of Townsend Church.  This is only a short season and one which will pass.  This is a great opportunity to rest and to seek the Lord as a family.  
God bless you all,

Pastor Alan