Townsend Church Hats & Hoodies

We’ve got hats and hoodies! Place your individual orders online. Prices may vary depending on the number of items ordered. If we receive 20 orders by Thursday, December 7th, they can be ordered in time for Christmas Eve. If we do not meet the minimum order requirement, the sale will stay open through December with orders being placed in January.
Townsend Trucker Hat (one size) ORDER HERE
With a minimum order of 20 hats, price will be ~$21.50.         
12 Ordered, 8 More To Go
Adult Light Weight Zip Up Hoodie ORDER HERE
With a minimum order of 20 Zip Up Hoodies, price will be ~$32.50 
 8 Ordered, 12 More To Go 
***If minimum orders are not met we will have the option to cancel the order or pay the difference.

One Response to “Townsend Church Hats & Hoodies”

  1. Barbara DuBois says:

    I know I saw a picture of these items, but don’t see it now. Are we supposed to email you and you contact me back? Or do I just write my order? Was there an order sheet at church that I missed?

    Appreciate a call. I will be around home on Friday. My cell number is 302-750-7520.

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